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It's 14 days into the new year and we thank God for bring us this far. Our vision for 2019 is entitled, "The Year of Stretching Out." That term encompasses much. As children of God, He insists that we grow in "grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ." So, with that in mind we will stretch our faith; stretch our service to the Lord, stretch our commitment to God and to His word. We will stretch out in 2019 by praying more often for one another; being patient with one another and most importantly, loving one another as the Lord has loved us. We will encourage and intercede for one another, lift one another up and care for one another.

We will stretch out in 2019 with our tithing and giving to the Lord's work. Let's try Him, as He said and watch Him open the windows of Heaven that we cannot receive the blessings He will pour out on us.

We will stretch out where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned. Let's commit to bringing two (2) people to Christ. That's not a lot for one year. The Scriptures say that we should go out and compel them to come in that "My House May Be Filled."

The vision for this year is: The Year of Stretching Out!

Here's a song that will keep you remembering this year's vision:

Pastor John Mack, Jr.

2019 is the year of Stretching Out!

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