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 Pastor Dana Darby           Pastor John Mack, Jr

    2023 -                                 2018 to 2022

      On Sunday, October 3, 1937, Rev. John D. Rivers had a vision and inspiration for the need of a Baptist church in New Haven. Officiating in the organization of the church also was Rev. Brooks, Rev. Brox, Rev. Cannon and other ministers. Also present were Dea. Edwards, Sis. Edwards, Dea. Boyd, Sis. Boyd, Sis. J. Barton, Sis. S. Hill, Sis. K. Brown and Bro. E. Simpson. Rev. Rivers was called as Pastor at that time. Under his leadership a lot was purchased for a future church site.


       Rev. O.L. Lewis and Rev. Butler were the next Pastor's to serve. Rev. Lewis was called to Pastor a second time and under his pastorate, this building was purchased and equipped. Rev. P.M. Martin was called to Pastor and under his pastorate, seats were purchased and many other improvements made on the building. Rev. Wilfred McKinley was called to Pastor and under his pastorate the adjoining property and building were purchased, providing an annex for church activities. Rev. Roy L. Smith was called in 1952 and under his pastorate the debt for the annex was paid off in addition to many other improvements. Rev. Herman Jenkins was called and served until the Lord called him to rest. Rev. E. Pleasure was called and served as Pastor.


        Rev. Robert E. Peete was called in 1963 and under his leadership the church was incorporated and became known as Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. At that time the building fund was established, a Nurses Guild was instituted, pews were purchased, a communion table, public address system, church bus and forty acres of land for a new church site were also purchased.


        In August of 1984, Rev. John L. Mack accepted the call of the Lord to Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. The Lord has caused the church to prosper in many ways under Pastor Mack's leadership--financially, materially and most of all- spiritually, and the Lord has added to the church. We praise God for the blessing Pastor Mack has been not only to Greater New Hope, but also to the community. The greatest blessing is that under his leadership God has enabled Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church to gain the respect of our community and the surrounding communities. The bible states that "where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 29:18), Pastor Mack was definitely a visionary and we will continue to follow his teachings. After 32 faithful and true years of leading Greater New Hope, the Lord saw fit to call Pastor John Mack, Sr. home from labor to reward on Wednesday June 14, 2017.  We miss him greatly; but we also honor his legacy by continuing to follow the Lord as he showed us to. In honor of our late Pastor John L. Mack Sr., on Sunday, August 12, 2018, the village officials of New Haven, Michigan renamed Delanie Street, Rev. John L. Mack Blvd. 

         On March 4, 2018, Rev. John Mack, Jr. took the pulpit as our new pastor. An energetic and sincere man, Pastor Mack summarized his vision from the Lord in his own words, "I am excited about the vision the Lord has for us here at Greater New Hope and in the community."

           Rev. Dana Darby took the lead as Greater New Hope's Pastor. His first Sunday was September 24, 2023; and his installation service was on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Pastor Darby is a preacher of the Word of God!


        God has been true to His word and added daily to Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church such as would be saved... Our church has grown in leaps in bounds and now we can witness that our old church building was no longer adequate to accommodate us. Over the years we’ve had some trying times, but God has always given us the victory. In August of 2003 we were blessed to celebrate the groundbreaking for our new church building, and we are celebrating the "manifestation" of "A Step of Faith" as we hold services and outreach in the new building, as well as our old building. The church lends its facilities to give back to the community by housing AA meetings, a Senior Luncheon program, summer school, and established an after school student homework help program.


        Throughout our church history, Greater New Hope’s legacy has been to be a strong and stable, supportive force in the community during times of need. Our goals are to continue to be a place of hope and refuge—to demonstrate excellence in service, deep compassion and motivation to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of not only our church body, but that our ministry reaches people everywhere.

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