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I Remember ...

Mother Elliot says...

  • I remember that when we would baptize the baptismal pool was in the floor.

  • Once a month the senior choir would go to choir union and we would pay our dues. The one that had the most money would receive a gift.

  • The church leased a bus and went to Niagara Falls.

  • She was baptized at the old church by Pastor Peete

  • At that time, the church had those old fashioned theater seats; and they raised money and was able to buy some pews for the church.

  • She has been singing in the senior choir of Greater New Hope for 30 years.

History is so very important. It's something that we should take care never to forget nor should we take it for granted.  With that being said, periodically we will feature on the website members of the church sharing a bit of the history of Greater New Hope from years gone by. 


Special thanks to our guest contributor Mother Mabel Elliot who has been a member of Greater New Hope for 30+ years.

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